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How To Unsend, Delete And Recall Sent Gmail Easily


How To Unsend, Delete And Recall Sent Gmail: Would you send any mail to someone by mistake and want that mail to come back then stick to this article today I am going to share with you How To Unsend, Delete And Recall Sent Gmail easily.

How To Unsend, Delete And Recall Sent Gmail Easily

If you are using Gmail on the web or in Outlook, you can unsend the e-mail you just sent.

You can set Gmail to pause the e-mail that you send for 30 seconds. After this, you can recall the email and recover the wrong receipts, spelling mistakes, bad subjects or attachments if you forget them.

But one thing important here is that in Gmail you can only unsend email sent when you have enabled this feature, which is not enabled by default.

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Enable Undo Send in Gmail on the Web:

After sending the message to Gmail on the web, enable it to delay its delivery, so you can get it back again:

Log in to your Gmail account in the browser.

Click on the top-right gear icon and select Settings from the menu

How To Unsend, Delete And Recall Sent Gmail Easily
How To Unsend, Delete And Recall Sent Gmail Easily

In the General Tab, Select The Enable To Undo Send CheckBox.

Now use the drop-down box to select how many seconds Gmail should stop before sending the email. Here you select the range from 5 to 30 seconds.

Now click Save Changes below to save the setting.

How To Undo Send In Gmail:

After enabling the Undo Send feature in Gmail, you can retrieve it immediately after sending it. When you send emails from Gmail and feel that you need to make changes, you have a few ways to record it:

1) Unsend in Gmail:

When you send e-mail from Gmail on the web, after sending the message, a notification will appear to undo over the Gmail screen.

After clicking on the undo button, you can change the message and send it again.

How To Undo Send Mail In Gmail
How To Undo Send Mail In Gmail

2) How To Recall Emails In Outlook:

Things are slightly different in Outlook, where you can recoup the message rather than sending it late to cancel it completely.

There is no guarantee that the message has not been opened, and sometimes it only works within your organization (depending on the settings).

However, if you are disturbed by the email sent by mistake, here are the steps to do:

Open Sent folder in Outlook.

Double click on the e-mail you want to record.

Now tap the Actions button on the top ribbon. Then select “Recall this message”.

You will have two options

You can recall messages from Delete unread copies of this message. Or you can replace this message with a new message by selecting the Delete unread copies and replace with a new message option.

Finally, click OK.

Note: If there are one or more of the following conditions, the message record will not succeed:

  • The recipient is not using Outlook.
  • The recipient is not logged on the Mail Service Provider.
  • The recipient is using Cached Exchange Mode and is working offline.
  • The original message has been moved from the inbox. This can happen when the filter rule is used.
  • The original message has already been opened and read.

These are easy steps, which take only a few seconds to do, but they can save you from embarrassment.

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